Artist Statement

I make art as a means of conversation, a way for people to connect. Inspired by pastimes and traditions and driven by a passion for people and culture, I want to preserve the stories that are worth telling over and over again.

I want to push time-tested design and honour classic aesthetics in a world full of fancy new looks. I need to feel the textures, the colours, and the grit of the stories I want to know, learn, and tell. I am an analogue designer, creating graphic solutions by hand. I received my BFA at the State University of New York in Fredonia in 2001 and went west. With an open mind and open road, I set off to find my medium and write my story.

I love making, with my mind and with my hands. I like to get dirty and I like to work hard. I create things I want to see in the world. I make things that connect to my own story, my own inspirations: family, travels, baseball, jazz, people.

I like creating art that other people can relate to. Whether that be stories of roaming the wilderness, or stories of catching batting practice at every ballpark in the county, the sense of adventure fuels me to seek new, and to tell the stories.

Franky Baseball Card Artist
Franky’s energy and transparency for his passions, which step into his work, are nothing short of pure inspiration. The exhaustive devotion of thought and detail in his art make Franky more rare than an unassisted triple play.
— Derik Penny, Denver artist