Teaching Philosophy

I teach because I love the connection. It is something I take great pride in and find great gratification in every single day. Kids are capable of so much, and I have so much fun trying to get it all out of them! They are open to new ideas and willing to experiment. They are young, but they come with experience… they each have their own life journey, and I encourage each of them in a way they can make relevance for themselves, for their own story.  

I believe in nurturing global citizens to appreciate the value of visual art across all cultures. Having lived and taught in the inner city, I understand the importance of differentiating authentic instruction for a wide range of students. I take great pride in using art to encourage students to connect to their own stories and life experiences, while equipping them with the critical thinking skills to creatively solve real problems.

My days are filled with wholehearted efforts to discover and further the creative expressions of my students, engineering meaningful projects and empowering them to recognize the importance of art in each of their lives. As a teacher, it is my goal to put my range of teaching experiences, compassion for students, and enthusiasm for making meaningful connections to work. I aim to make a positive contribution, not only in the school I teach, but the larger community as well. 


  • MA: Curriculum + Instruction, Art Education
    University of Denver, Denver, Colorado
  • BFA: Studio Art - Media Arts
    State University of New York, Fredonia, New York
  • New York Teacher Certificate
    Visual Arts (K-12), NYS Education Department
  • Colorado Professional Teacher License
    Visual Arts (K-12), CO Department of Education
Franky is a man of honour. He has the courage and boldness to explore new opportunities and lead new initiatives. Yet he also maintains the work ethic and loyalty to follow through and succeed in every endeavor. While he has seasons at school where he is the busiest worker in the building, his demeanor is never harried, but always positive, enthusiastic and attracting others into that hard work and love for life.
— Griff Wirth, High School Principal