Creative Direction

Being both an artist and a people-person, I have found a natural segueway to lead teams and creative projects.  I feel motivated and energized by building relationships with people.  Artist first, educator second, I am classically trained and have been communicating and implementing principles of design for nearly twenty years.  As a lifelong student, I am always seeking new strategies, applications, and outlets for art innovation.  I love telling stories, and helping others tell their stories through timeless solutions. I want to create authentic conversations across borders, languages, and disciplines. I am a strategic thinker with the intuitive ability to identify and simplify ideas.

I have international experience managing projects across borders, languages, and disciplines. I am a strategic thinker with the intuitive ability to identify and simplify ideas.


Franky has inspired us (Vans) to take what he has done and go global with it.
— Steve Van Doren, Vice President of Vans
Thank you for bringing such an amazing program to Vans and giving us the opportunity to really make this happen for these kids.  The experiences are indescribable.
— Sarah Crockett, Former Vans Director of Marketing

My Favourite Colour Studio

Owner / Artist / Business Manager

MFC Studio Patches

In 2013, my wife Annie and I started My Favourite Colour Studio to fulfill our dream of sharing the visual narrative of American tradition. As full-time art teachers in the public school system, we were left with little time to explore personal artistic ventures. But, by throwing sleep to the wind, we managed to make time for both! MFC Studio, inspired by pastimes and traditions and driven by a passion for people and culture, aims to preserve the stories that are worth telling over and over again. From wholesale and retail accounts to creative projects and artist collaborations, I manage all aspects of the studio.

FRESH 23 Fashion Show

Art Director / Executive Producer

FRESH 23 Show Photo

In 2008, I worked with my friend Shawn Gruenhagen (from Vans) to introduce a concept for high school students to paint on blank canvas shoes, and showcase the footwear in a fashion show. Twenty-three students took the idea and ran with it, creating collections and packing the auditorium with friends and family to show off their artwear. The next generation of painting students continued the expansion and FRESH 23 grew larger each year. After seeing the impact of FRESH 23 on the students and the local community, Vans approached us about building a national shoe-design contest for high school artists. This program became Vans Custom Culture and has included over 12,000 schools across the United States.


Vans Custom Culture

Program Co-Creator / Creative Consultant

Custom Culture Submission

I contributed to the project ideation and continue to serve as a consultant for a nationwide art / design project modeled after the FRESH 23 Exhibition that I created in Wheat Ridge, CO in 2008.  Vans Custom Culture is a high school program aimed at bringing awareness to underfund art programs and highlighting students’ creativity.  I have traveled as a Project Ambassador, facilitating creative direction for 3,000 art teachers nationwide.



Mural Conception / Collaboration

Studio 23 On The Wall

I just wrapped up this mural project in May 2018. Working with the art students at Wheat Ridge High School in collaboration with artists Jaime Molina + Pedro Barrios, we created 1,200 square foot mural in the heart of the city... creating a conversation for the community and a place to publicaly showcase the work of the high school students.

Friss Hús International

Executive Director / International Facilitator

International Fashion Show

In 2011, students in Kaposvár, Hungary painted shoes as the first international extension of FRESH 23.  And, since, Custom Culture has expanded to Brazil, Canada, Mexico, and China, providing tens of thousands of students the opportunity to paint on Vans shoes.  What started as an art project downstairs in Studio 23, grew into a shoe customization program for high school students around the world.  I served as the producer and senior creative director for initial European extension of Fresh 23, sponsored by Fulbright Alumni Grant, US State Department and Vans.