Art Portfolio

These galleries showcase a variety of projects I have created. It's not a comprehensive record of all work, but a few things to show what I've done. Please let me know what you think!


Right To Roam

Adirondacks Spread

Right to Roam embraces our great freedom to access and explore the natural world. I was lucky to grow up in a family who values adventure, with parents who were eager to load us in the family wagon and hit the open road.Right to Roam pays homage to some of the most significant places we rambled… parks that nurture and inspire us to keep on exploring. This is the story of roaming the near, far, and across the in-between.  Look.  Listen.  Taste.  Wander.  Explore.  Take it slow and take it easy.  We all have the right to roam.


Fungo Baseball Cards


I have always been fascinated with baseball cards. Whether I was collecting them, trading them, clothes-pinning them to my bike spokes, or ogling over the colourful designs and colourful players, I was hooked. Each year had a distinct look, immortalizing the style of the era. I grew up drawing my favourite players of the eighties... and, to this day, those are still the players that bring me the fondest memories... perhaps it was because it was when I fell in love with the game, perhaps it was the aesthetic of the uniforms, the killer moustaches, and the hard-nose style of play... but, it's what I grew up with. It's what I love.  So, naturally, after all of these years, I find myself right back where I started... drawing my favourite players... position by position... curating personal all star lineups, year by year.


Denver Design

Colorado Vistors Cap

With the rapid transplant movement and the coming of “cool” in Denver, there are countless attempts to reinterpret the primary colours and C of the Colorado flag to show identity and roots. It's just not my thing. I always want my work to connect to authentic culture and history. I created a body of work that pays homage to the native roots of the land and to the history of baseball in Denver, long before the Colorado Rockies and the ballpark lofts.


Other Projects


Being an artist, naturally, I find it difficult to sit still and also difficult to stick to one thing.  This is a collection of random projects I have been working on to get my fix of variety and exploration.

Concert Prints


For a stretch of time following university, I found myself making art and traveling around the country pedaling my goods. I created fan posters for my favourite bands, and sold them in the parking lot. Inspired by the music and pop-culture narrative, I created a series of screenprints to celebrate the shows.