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Hi, I'm Franky. I currently live and work in Buffalo, NY as an artist and art teacher, small business owner and creative director, husband and papa.
I am ready for a new challenge, for the next thing to push and pull me. Given my experience with and passion for community engagement, I am looking forward to uncovering ways I can make a difference. As a teacher, I believe in nurturing global citizens to appreciate the value of visual art across all cultures and, as a human, I believe in treating people equally and giving all I've got to everyone I meet.

I love art, teaching, baseball, jazz, and traveling... but I am most passionate about the many ways these things allow me to work with people of all types from places all over the world. I have learned to not take myself too seriously, and that working hard is not only rewarding but, more importantly, fun. While I hustle out of necessity, I've discovered that channeling this energy into meaningful interactions with people provides the rush that pushes me to keep at it. Time has taught me that slowing down is an equal necessity.  I care about every detail and every relationship I make, so I strive to balance both the going and the slowing in my efforts to use art to tell stories, connect people, and teach. I always strive to be at the intersection of where creative design meets creative strategy.

Throughout my career, I’ve been an enthusiastic teacher providing my students opportunities beyond the classroom to learn, stretch, and grow. I have tirelessly committed myself to earning the trust of my students, and being a positive influence in their lives. Working together to forge meaningful relationships within the classroom equips students to step outside school and make learning a lifelong practice as they find their place in their families, places of work, and communities. I have had the most humbling experience not only to influence and inspire, but also to be influenced and inspired myself. Art has served as a medium by which to communicate and connect with people beyond our classroom, into our community, and across the globe.

It is my goal to put my range of teaching experiences, compassion for people, and enthusiasm for making meaningful connections to work. I aim to make a positive contribution, not only to where I work, but the larger community as well.


Franky Scaglione
Artist, Teacher, Creative Director, Dreamer

Scaglione Teaching

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